It ain’t no secret that a lot of souls drown themselves in alcohol to avoid dealing with a terrible situation, further pushing themselves into the bottomless pits of depression. But medical research says if you pull away from your bottled booze buddy, you can actually tone down your depression symptoms, if not get rid of it entirely.

Published in the Alcohol: Clinal and Experimental Research journal, the latest medical study found that people that cut down on their alcohol consumption also saw a visible reduction in their depression symptoms.

But here is the most encouraging part: even if a person’s alcohol consumption quantity was at an unhealthy level despite making some cutbacks, they still saw improvement with their depression.

A sad person with his face buried between his knees
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To put it in simple words, decreasing the amount of booze you guzzle actually works, howsoever small progress you make.

“For subgroups reporting decreased drinking, the prevalence of positive depression screens dropped from 17 percent to 49 percent from the time of the first questionnaire to the second,” says the research.

And no, this wasn’t some simulation-based generalised study. It actually involved 200,000 human participants struggling with depression and alcoholism, actively seeking professional care over a period of four years.

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