Instagram’s Close Friends feature is getting a makeover. It used to be this special little club that only allowed you to share Stories (and Notes) with only a small group of friends. Now, the lucky few can also get exclusive access to your main feed posts and Reels.

When you’re about to share your life’s highlights, just tap the ‘Audience’ menu and pick your Close Friends. Because who needs all those followers seeing everything, right? These posts will come with a fancy green star icon, a step up from the green ring for stories.

Instagram Closed Friends Posts.
Credit: Instagram
This is essentially switching between Private and Public, but for each post!

And here’s the best part. Your Close Friends list is now a one-size-fits-all for Stories, Reels, main feed posts, and Notes (those little boxes appearing atop the DMs section). Keeping with the Closed Circle theme, likes or comments on Close Friends posts or Reels will also be exclusive to your CHOSEN ONEs.

Here, let me make it easy for you:

  1. Once you complete writing all the fancy stuff on your post and about to hit the Share button, look up.
  2. See that "Audience" option right below the caption field? Tap on it.
  3. Select "Close Friends." Then "Done." Hit "Share" now.
Credit: Instagram

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