I'm not sure if you know who is Zoie Burgher, but if you're uncorrupted by the vices of the modern world, let me give a brief explainer. She is a well-known game streamer known for her sexually provocative videos wherein she is usually dressed in a bikini and does sensual steps.

For that, she was banned from Twitch (the world's biggest streaming platform). The she jumped to YouTube, where she has close to a million subscribers, despite only posting two videos, in full clothes. Yeah, imagine the level of fame. Well, the point I'm making here is that platforms are generally okay with twerking, but to a different extent.

YouTube, for one wants to be very clear about it. Therefore, it has today changed it's policy around how racy it can get before it attracts a monetary strike. Here's the kind of dance-related videos that are fine with YouTube:

* Sexy dance moves, such as gyrating or rolling one's hips or waist.
* Twerking or grinding.
* Fleeting minimal clothing while dancing
* Fleeting caresses of sexual body parts.
* Partnered dancers in close bodily contact. For example, their pelvic areas are in close contact.
* Dance moves that mimic or simulate sexual acts, such as pelvic thrusting or erotic lap dances, presented in a professional setting.
* Music videos featuring recurring shots of sexual body parts.

And here's the category of raunchy dance stuff that won't be outright banned, but the videos won't be able to earn money via ads or other methods:

* Twerking or grinding where the focus is on the dancer's minimal clothing.
* Dances where a partner grabs their partner's breasts or butt, or where one dancer puts their hands under their partner's clothing.
* Deliberately zooming in on sexual body parts in dance.
* Daggering moves where one partner roughly thrusts their genitals into their partner's genital region.
* Straddling or spreading one's legs open towards their dance partner as if engaging in a sex act.
* Lap dances or strip teases, unless performed as a choreographed dance, music video, or otherwise in a professional setting.

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