Google has an overlong tradition of leaking its own upcoming devices — sometimes inadvertently, others more willingly. Now, the upcoming Pixel 8 Pro, set to launch (presumably) in October, is meeting the same fate, and Google's intent here is baffling to judge.

Google recently published a new "Pixel Phone Simulator" tool that is meant to let you have an all-around view of Pixel devices. While Google does not explicitly divulge its utility, the Simulator is probably to help users with guided instructions for basic applications like inserting a SIM card, setting up biometrics, or just getting to know your way with different Pixel devices by choosing the right one from a drop-down menu.

Although Pixel 8 and 8 Pro aren't listed on the drop-down list, you can simply swap out the digits in the URL ( to see the phone without covers—H/t to Dylan Roussel on Twitter for finding it out.

The front, back, and side of Google Pixel 8 Pro in Sky colour officially leaked in Pixel Simulator software. 

The tool lets you choose colors and describes unbeknown parts of the phone — such as the newly added temperature sensor on the Pixel 8 Pro. Understandably, these are CAD renders (as opposed to actual marketing images), but coming from Google directly, they prognosticate the phone's real design, which coincides with flooding leaks in the past.

At the moment of writing, Google appears to have disabled the Simulator exclusively for the Pixel 8 Pro (it continues to load but doesn't show up). But The Verge has captured tens of Pixel 8 Pro's images from different angles.

These should be good enough to feast the eyes for the next few days until Google makes another booboo and unknowingly leaks the Pixel 8 Pro further.

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